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What does Canadian oil & natural gas mean to you?

Watch here!

Google Street View tours offshore platform

Tour Cygnus, a producing North Sea gas installation.


Life without oil and petroleum products? Not so simple…

Watch what happens when petroleum products are removed from your world.


2019 “Inspiring Young Minds” Oil & Gas Educators Award

Do you know an intermediate or high school teacher or guidance counsellor in Newfoundland and Labrador who inspires students to learn about and/or pursue careers in the oil & gas industry?  If you do, consider nominating them for PIHRC’s Oil & Gas Educators Award.  Learn more about the award and how to nominate someone.  Nomination deadline is Friday, February 8, 2019.


How cool is that!  Subsea Engineer

Article: A BP subsea engineer helps construct deepwater wells in the Gulf of Mexico


Videos about Newfoundland and Labrador’s oil & gas sector


Become a Petroleum Geoscientist 

Article: Petroleum geoscientists use a broad set of technical, conceptual and practical skills.


Interview: Offshore diver/photographer

Article: Read an interview with a commercial diver working in the offshore oil & gas industry.


Women Offshore 

Visit this online resource centre which shines a light on women working in the offshore.


What products are created from the oil processed in Canadian refineries?

Article: Canada’s 16 refineries process oil that is produced in Canada and imported from abroad. Between 2012-2017 these refineries produced an average of 2.3 million barrels of refined petroleum products each day. Approximately 80% of these products were used to either move people and goods, or keep people warm.