Career Profiles

Operations Technician


Name: Natasha Foote

Job Title: Operations Technician

Company: ExxonMobil Canada

Education: Diploma in Chemical Process Engineering Technology, College of the North Atlantic

Location: Onshore – Office Building

Hometown: Placentia, NL

Currently Living In: Mount Pearl, NL



Natasha Foote decided to take two years after high school to explore her options before deciding on a career path.

“The best career advice I received was to take my time upon finishing high school to figure out what I wanted to do.”


Education and Personal Background 

Natasha is a graduate of College of the North Atlantic’s three-year diploma program in Chemical Process Engineering Technology. Before entering college, Natasha says she spent two years in the workforce, exploring different opportunities.

“After time spent in various sectors, I decided I wanted to better myself through post-secondary education. This three-year course provided me with an understanding of safe practices, chemical engineering principles, regulatory processes, and more.”

Natasha says she loved science while in high school – especially chemistry.

“My interest in chemistry, combined with a strong mathematical background, helped to prepare me for engineering technology studies.”


Duties and Work Environment 

Natasha works in downtown St. John’s, with her usual hours extending from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday to Friday. As Operations Technician, Natasha works to ensure that offshore equipment operates safely and efficiently.

“If a piece of equipment is not working as efficiently as it should, I may have to analyze trends in the pressure, temperature or flow of the liquids passing through.”

As part of her job, Natasha is frequently required to review and interpret technical diagrams. She often helps develop training for competency assessments for newly hired workers.

Within the next two years, Natasha anticipates she will transfer to an offshore role. There she will be involved in preparing equipment for maintenance, as well as completing daily rounds to look at all equipment, and troubleshooting as required.

“My job requires me to utilize various types of skills, but especially analytical and problem solving skills. Each day is a new adventure with new challenges. I am constantly learning and I’m certainly never bored.”


Questions and Answers 

Why did you choose a career in oil and gas?

I chose a career in the oil and gas industry because of the vast opportunities it brings. The oil and gas industry is growing, and offers great job security. There are also options within the industry to change career goals and pursue new directions through the many training and career growth opportunities available.


What inspires you most at work?

At work I am most inspired by my company and co-workers’ commitment to safety. For such a large company, we feel like a family. This makes everyone strive to do their best and make not only themselves safe, but those around them safe as well.


What is your personal motto?

The struggle you’re in today is developing the strength you need for tomorrow.